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A.  US Coalition for the International Criminal Court. As a staff member of for Citizens for Global Solutions in 1994-95, I was able to organize and fund a staff position to establish this very successful Coalition.

B. Steel Industry Heritage Task Force - which evolved into the current RIVERS OF STEEL NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE AREA in SW Pennsylvania. While on staff with the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, I organized a multi-county, public-private coalition to preserve and interpret the history of the iron and steel industry.  Partners included:

  • The Western Pennsylvania Historical Society
  • USX
  • The Regional Industrial Development Corporation
  • Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation
  • Academic Historians
  • Archives of Industrial Society (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Numerous small historical societies in SW PA mill towns
  • and others

Through the work of Senator John Heinz, $3 million were appropriated for the National Park Service to conduct studies necessary for the project to become a NPS Heritage Area. It succeeded.

C. While on staff at the NM Environmental Law Center, I organized the following coalitions that involved state government and private sector actors:

  • The NM Environment and Health Coalition
  • The NM Mercury Reduction Task Force
  • The NM Precautionary Principle Task Force

FUNDRAISING:  With well over thirty years of experience in non-profit management and fundraising, I am well equipped to develop fundraising plans, write copy for direct mail packages and grant proposals, or to manage special projects for your organization.

    During those same decades, I have written copy for newsletters, public relations campaigns, newspapers and magazines.

    Organizations and publications I have written for in the last ten years:

  • Green Fire Times
  • SITE Santa Fe
  • El Dorado Sun
  • New Mexico Environmental Law Center
  • Citizens for Global Solutions

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Photograph of leaves in the creek by Paul Paryski.  All other unattributed photographs on this website are by Earl James.